Tales of the Empire

By: Various Authors

Rating: 60-88%

Brief Summary: Tales from the Empire.. Not revolving around our usual group of friends...

This book had many stories that are worth nothing and contributes nothing to the Star Wars Universe, so I will not even mention them. However, it DID have a couple that made the book completely worth it.

One warning however: Luke, Leia, and Han have ZERO scenes in this book. Darth Vader makes a brief Appearance. Be prepared to be unfamiliar with most of the characters, unless you have read just about every other book in the Star Wars Expanded Universe and remember who all of the characters were.

There were three stories that many people bought this book for. (1) The Story of Karrde, (2) the Story of Corran Horn, and (3) the Timothy Zahn / Michael Stackopole collaboration, "Side Trip".

Zahn's story of Karrde and how he met Mara Jade did not do anything for me. It was a let down. The story of how Corran Horn joined the rebels was very solid all around. The story, "Side Trip", was a solid "A". Then again, in my mind, anything with Grand Admiral Thrawn written by Timothy Zahn is.

This book is only for the Star Wars die-hards....

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