Tales of the Bounty Hunters

By: Various Authors

Rating: 71-87%

Brief Summary: Assorted stories from the bounty hunters in The Empire Strikes Back film.

Therefore I am: Tale of IG-88, written by Kevin J Anderson

Rating: 72%

The first scene of this story was pretty cool. IG-88 was activated, realized he was better than everyone else, and then went on a murder rampage. It was downhill from there. I found this story to be inconsistent. IG-88 (and the three other clones of him), were unstoppable throughout the whole story. Then all of the sudden, here comes Boba Fett to kill the three clones like it was nothing. And then, the remaining droid, the original IG-88, decided it would be best if he would download himself into the Death Star. I thought that was a stupid idea. This was a typical Kevin J Anderson Star Wars idea. Another story for children. The ending was predictable, especially since IG-88 became "part" of the Death Star. Since we knew what happened to the Imperial "moon" already, we would know how this story ended. When the Death Star blew up, so did IG-88.

Payback: Tale of Dengar, written by Dave Wolverton

Rating: 78%

Giving this story a 78% is being generous. After all this, book had no climax (Dengar escaping the Desert? that was no climax to me), and a stupid ending that made no sense with the rest of the story (Asking Boba Fett to be his Best Man! What was that! He had just betrayed Dengar twice!). The only reason why you would want to read this story would to see what it was like around Jabba the Hutt's Palace and the story of how Boba Fett escaped that pit. The romance in this story was a wasted idea. And Dengar, had these fictional type abilities that the imperials gave him. He was nobody special to me. Neither was the story.

The Prize Pelt: Tale of Bossk, written by Kathy Tyers

Rating: 71%

The Tale of Bossk should have been named the Tale of Tinian and Chen. In this story, the Wookiee Chen (short for some long Wookiee name) and this human female, Tinian, were the hero's of this story. They were also the main characters. Bossk, on the other hand, unlike the previous story of Dengar, was made to be the bad guy, the "evil" Wookiee hunter. In fact, he wasn't even any bounty hunter! he was just a stupid Wookiee hunter! Unlike the last two stories, though they weren't great, they at least tied in some of the events of the Star Wars movies. This one had nothing to do with the movies, except the burned out "We don't need that kind of scum!" scene. In fact, it contradicted the movies. Example: After the Falcon escaped the asteroid field, they went straight to Lando's. This story made it look like Han Solo and company had time to help a bunch of Wookiee salves before they went to the Cloud City. I didn't care much for this story either. Although the ending was half way decent compared to the first two.

Of Possible Futures: Tale of 4LOM and Zuckuss, written by M. Shayne Bell

Rating: 87%

Well, what do you know. A Bounty Hunter story that was ACTUALLY meaningful. The Story of Zuckess and his faithful partner 4-LOM was quite good. It wasn't told in a childish manner unlike IG-88. It had a climax and a good ending, unlike Dangar. And it tied in events from the movies, unlike Boosk. Whether you want to BUY a book that only has 1 or 2 good stories out of 5, is your choice. But if you could find a way to BORROW this book, skip the first 3 stories and read this one. The character of Zuckess was pretty funny. I loved how he kept referring to himself in the third person. Plus, 4-LOM is exactly what IG-88 said he is, A "loose cannon", for a droid. I also liked the idea of how they defected to the Rebellion. All in all, it was a story that made sense. For only having 80 odd pages, it was very good. (Didn't I say that already?)

The Last one Standing: Tale of Boba Fett, written by Daniel Keys Moran

Rating: 83%

Let's face it. You bought this book too read this story. (most people anyway)... well, it was rather disappointing. Well, it wasn't that bad. It started off slow. But got fairly interesting during the time when Han Solo was being rescued at Jabba's. It revealed a few things what Boba Fett was doing during that time that the movies didn't show. But then after that it jumped like 10 years and showed Fett as ha was aging and becoming older. There were some rather pointless scenes that followed, but the ending when Han and Fett met again, was pretty good. I won't spoil it, but the ending leaves you hanging. But done rather nicely. Lastly, I dot like how they made Boba Fett. It was a different image then what I though. They didn't make him immortal, but they made him to be the "defender of morals". Like he has never done a wrong thing in his life. They also made it seem like he was jealous of Han Solo (though he wouldn't admit it), because Fett was an ugly man under that suit. The story does give you some history on the character, but otherwise, it wasn't spectacular. At least, it was better than the first three stories. Zuckess and 4LOM is clearly the best in the book.

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