Phantom Menace

By: Terry Brooks

Rating: 80%

Brief Summary: Duh?

I had my doubts reading this, not expecting anything. But I was rewarded in finding out this book GREATLY enhanced the movie. I was one of the few who thought the movie's plot was decent, and this book made it even better. The movie misplayed and miscast Anakin, but in the book, he is more than a little boy. It adds to his character. Plus there are other little tidbits that make it worth the read. For example, the history of the Sith. Obviously, the Pod race, and the lightsabre duals in the book, are nothing like the movie.

The author writes in a style that is very straightforward. He adds detail only when needed, and mainly sticks with the dialog. This makes for a quick read.

The Phantom Menace is a good choice for the library, if you are a die hard Star Wars fan. But keep in mind, it still is based after the movie, which had a very weak story. So the book could only help so much.

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