Jedi Search

By: Kevin J Anderson

Rating: 45%

Brief Summary: A boring sequel to Timothy Zahn's Trilogy. New books, new Imperial enemy.

Let me keep this short and sweet. I have no love for Kevin J Anderson's additions to the Star Wars expanded universe. And this book, the first of the Jedi Academy trilogy are the main reason's why. After reading Timothy Zahn's trilogy, this one is two steps backward. Okay, its not THAT bad. But it is child's play. I didn't even continue to read further after reading Jedi Search.

The antagonist in this novel was Admiral Daala. Not nearly as smart - or likeable - as Grand Admiral Thrawn. And the new idea is another "Death Star" like weapon called, the "Sun Crusher". Hmmm... doesn't seem very original to me.

The main characters from the movies seem and act like how we all know them to be, but no on is introduced really that left any kind of memory for me.

Now, we need to realize, no other writer in the Star Wars universe can come close to Zahn's expertise, and that is not Kevin J Anderson's fault. But this book was simply child's play to me. Only for the Star Wars DIE HARD.

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