The Wrath of the Prophets #10

By:Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, and Robert Greenberger.

Rating: 85%

Brief Summary: A plague strikes Bajor, and Bashir must find the cure. In the meantime, Kira and Ro Laren grudgingly team up to help find out the cause of the problem.

Let me say one thing first. I have no love for Bajoran plots - they just are are not that interesting to me. Star Trek and Religion usually does not mix. So why did I buy this book? Well, I could not wait to read a novel where two of my favorite authors - Peter David and Michael Jan Friedman - team up together.

While the plot was not all that interesting, nor was it very exciting, it still was, however, a decent book that was well-written. You could see where Peter David and his writing style comes in. He single handedly - without a doubt - took the character of Ro and made her his own writing device.

Many fans have longed to see what it would be like when these two spitfires - like Kira and Ro - pair up together. Ironically, the character of Kira, was created only after Michelle Forbes - the actress who played Ro Laren on The Next Generation television series - turned down the chance to move her character over to Deep Space Nine permanently. She never guest stared on DS9 either - which was surprising. So this is their first pairing together.

Ro Laren is the single reason why this story is worth your while. The way her and Major Kira fought was the main highlight. Other than that there is some dry reading in between, but the end, however, was pretty good and held my attention. [Although the way they cured the planet was not that "adventurous".]

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