Windows on a Lost World #65

By: V.E. Mitchell

Rating: 80%

Brief Summary: Kirk's Enterprise is exploring an ancient civilization.

While exploring the remnants of an ancient civilization, Kirk and Chekov fall through these alien "windows" and land into another world. There they are transformed into these strange, crab-like aliens without the ability to talk. Spock and McCoy race to save the day!

Unfortunately, I do not have much to say because it was a while when since I have read this. However, I can tell you that it started off very slow, but by the middle I was reading through it very quickly. I thought the trio of Kirk, McCoy, and Spock in this novel were portrayed accurately. There are a couple of characters introduced, but none that are worth mentioning.

While humor is minimal, and this book does nothing to tie in Star Trek history - it is merely a simple story, you have my recommendation to read it. For me, it was a gift - and I am not sure I would of paid for it otherwise. I suspect those who are die-hards of The Original Series from the sixties would appreciate this book as it stays true to the timeline.

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