Imzadi II: Triangle

By: Peter David

Rating: 83%

Brief Summary: The story of Troi and Worf's romance.... er breakup. Oh, and mixed in with a deceit Romulan subplot.

Giving this book an 83% is too harsh, but I need to show a contrast. Those expecting the original Imzadi will be greatly disappointed - at least the first time around.

While Peter David attempts to bring Star Trek history together - in ways the television show never explained - there was nothing in Triangle: Imzadi II that was done so incredible, and in such a brilliantly written way that we have come to expect from the authors past works. Oh, don't get me wrong. We do see a few developments that do tie in Worf and Deanna Troi's breakup - that for some reason was never shown or even referenced to in either the The Next Generation [The show finished with Worf and Deanna as a couple] or Deep Space Nine [Worf appears to be alone when he first comes to the station - the next thing we know: he is marrying Jadzia Dax]. In this aspect, the novel does succeed: but not in a flashy way and more importantly: without the "emotions" that made the first book so incredible.

The humor in this book is lacking, yes it is more of a serious theme, but for Peter David, ones expectations are always at a high level. Yes, if there was on brilliant thing he did add to this novel - it was the history. It wraps nicely around Generations and First Contact, including a few interesting twists featuring Tom Riker, Sela, and Odo all showing up. However, there was definitely something missing overall, and again, I believe it to be the emotional experience that was gained from the first Imzadi experience.

Perhaps this novel suffers from the large shadow created by the original Imzadi. While this was a very story on it's own - most will have trouble accepting it the first time around.

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