INVASION!: The Soldiers of Fear

By: Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Rating: 40%

Brief Summary: The continuation of the first Invasion novel. This one deals with Picard's crew. The Aliens here are bigger and meaner here, but not nearly as enthralling.

WOW! What a disappointment!

Diane Carey set the tone for the perfect continuation with the first part of this series, First Strike.

However, these two authors wrote a VERY dry continuation, with very flat characters. For example, just because Picard says "make it so", "Earl Gray, hot", or "Engage!" does not indicate that he is very well developed.

The worst aspect of the novel was the consistency. I did not like the battle sequences. In the first book, Kirk's Enterprise and an entire Klingon fleet could barely stop one Fury ship... and that ship was just a scout! In Solders of Fear, however, the Enterprise-D along with two other Federations ships, two Klingon Bird of Preys (not even full cruisers), and one VULCAN ship were able to casually destroy a fleet of eight or nine Fury warships.

Fury leader Vergo Zennor, of First Strike, gave the Furies a more personal feel to them. The relationship he had formed with Kirk was admirable. However, the Furies here - like The crew of the Enterprise-D - were also not developed in the slightest bit. They became caricatures of themselves. Big, Bad, Mean Aliens!

Also, the authors left no will for me to continue to the third part, Time's Enemy. However, I eventually did two months later. (Note that after I finished Part One, I went to the book store immediately to read the continuation.

This really was a worthless book. However, I read it in less than ten hours, so at the very least, the writing style was easy enough to read.

If I read First Strike prior to Soldiers of Fear, then MAYBE it would of been okay - at best. But this book must be compared to the others and for that it gravely disappoints.

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