Saratoga #19

By: Michael Jan Friedman

Rating: 87%

Brief Summary: Sisko is reunited with his old crewmates; but the Defiant is sabotaged by one of them on the way to the actual reunion.

Saratoga is another novel where it has a very simple plot - of having a problem and then solving it. However, only the talented authors could make them enjoyable. And talented is certainly what Michael Jan Friedman is.

This novel was very light reading - and went be very fast. If there is one thing that sets it apart from other "basic" stories, is the ending was not too predictable.

Anyone who picks Saratoga up, is doing so to learn more about the past of Captain Sisko. Everyone knows Captain Picard's past, and Captain Kirk's past, even Captain Janeway of Voyager has a couple of novels dedicated to her. So it is only right that Sisko gets his due - thus establishing more "backbone" to the character. Although being a short novel, and one that isn't too ambitious, the "history" is slightly limited.

One thing we do learn about are some of his older friends and crewmates, some of whom are quite funny. (Or should I say odd?). However, if you are a fan of Deep Space Nine in general, be warned that other than Jadzia Dax and Jake Sisko, no one else really plays a roll here. Most of the story does not happen on DS9.

But to sum up, this book is well worth it in my opinion, with a twist at the ending.

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