By: Peter David

Rating: 83%

Brief Summary: Q tests the human Concept of Love, while falling for Lwaxana Troi.

Okay, maybe I'm a little biased towards Peter David, but he is after all the best Star Trek author - end of discussion. I do not think this book is a classic as some make it out to be, but it still was a pleasant read. Unfortunately, Peter David's other Q book, Q-Squared, overshadowed this one because I had read it first. The story here is a satire on Romero and Juliet. Though creative, it is not meant to be an ambitiously written plot.

Two powerful rival families of the race called the Tizarin are to be joined through marriage, and the Enterprise is chosen as the site for the wedding. Everything is just dandy, until, that is, the arrival of the Federation delegate from Betazed shows up. Despite Lwaxana Troi's romantic overtures toward the captain - the celebration seems to go smoothly until the situation is complicated by the arrival of Q, who has come to examine and challenge the human concept of love. The festivities are thrown into chaos, the Tizarin families are on the verge of war, and Lwaxana Troi is determined to teach Q a lesson in love...

This sounds like a promising concept and there are some light laughs here and there.

Even though the ending was not spectacular, I have to admit - and I hate to admit - that Lwaxana Troi was easily the highlight of Q-in-Law. Just picturing her beating up Q is worth the price of admission alone.

All in all, it's not a bad book - it's a fun read, though sluggish when Q is not around, don't expect much, and will be in for a surprise!

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