The Long Night #14

By: Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and Dean Wesley Smith

Rating: 60%

Brief Summary: Sisko and crew find a lost ship. Then it becomes a galactic prize to be one.

Here's a book that would really put you to sleep. In fact, just writing this review is tiring me out. (-YAWN-).

The premise is sounded exciting.

From the book cover: "Centuries ago, the Supreme Ruler of the planet Jibet fled a democratic uprising, taking with him many priceless works of art. Now Quark's greed leads Commander Sisko and his crew to the lost treasures -- and to the Supreme Ruler himself, preserved in cryogenic suspension. The discovery sparks unrest on Jibet, and launches an alien armada against Deep Space Nine. As Dr. Bashir struggles to keep the dying ruler alive, Jake and Nog uncover deadly evidence of lingering Cardassian treachery. Now, Sisko must somehow keep the mysteries of the past from destroying all hope for DS9's future..."

Did I read the same book? Simply put: Skip it. In fact, The Long Night is most likely out of print now, so it is not worth tracking down. If it is still in print - it's not worth buying new.

For being a very short book, it took me two weeks to read. The characters were not developed well, and there was no humor in this book - at all - to make it lively and an enjoyable read. Sometimes, books with a serious tone should be just that - serious. However, this novel does not qualify.

There was 0% suspense in here. I could have quit halfway through and told you the ending. Maybe I am being too harsh. If you want a story - nothing more, nothing less, nothing ambitious, maybe - just maybe - you will find this to be an interesting read. For me, when it comes to Star Trek novels, I tend to have higher standards.

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