I, Q

By: John de Lancie (with Peter David)

Rating: 90%

Brief Summary: Picard and Q save existence! Ok, and Data too.

In the past, we have already seen what Peter David can do with Q: Q-Squared, but what happens when Q himself - that is the actor who played Q, John de Lancie - and David team up? We get I, Q. In this novel, we are taken through the first-person perspective of Q. And what a perspective this is.

The authors brilliantly weave together a story in which Q must save all of existence - not just humanity - and for some reason, he has decided to take Picard and Data along for the ride. [Note: No other TNG character will show up, but there are cameos from Jadzia Dax and the Grand Nagus]. After his wife and son have disappeared, and he very soon realizes that the Continuum will not do anything to interfer - as they have become bored with existing themselves - the journey thus beings. And what a journey this is. The story shifts around quickly as we are taken through a physical - yet not quite real - adventure through different "worlds" (figuratively). Eventually, we find that each world represents a level of the Kubler-Ross model, representing the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Acceptance, and Grief. Each character in the respective "world" acts according to the the "level" that they are on. For example, as you would expect, the Grand Nagus appears in the "bargaining world".

I, Q is a rather short novel (around 250 pages). But even for lovers of Q: do you really want to be inside his head any longer? One can only take so much cynicism and egotistical viewpoints.

The ultimate, underlying theme of the story is Q's belief that there is no God. As he will find out, he is in for a "religious" experience - so to speak - without giving the ending away.

This book is a quick read and highly recommended! In fact, it is worth your while to get the audio portion as well as John de Lancie himself is the reader.

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