INVASION! Time's Enemy

By: LA Graf

Rating: 76%

Brief Summary: The third part of the Invasion series. Sisko and the Defiant crew find out who forced Furies out of the Alpha Quadrant.

This was an average book to say the least. This was an average book to say the most.

After strugling through the first half, the plot of Time's Enemy was finally established by the middle of the story. Unfortunately, by the time the Defiant laves for the Gamma Quadrant, the book gets.. well..... confusing. It became difficult to follow the story as the narrative and dialog became overly bogged down. The ending was not much better. I still am having difficulty understanding what happened to Dax - who plays a heavy role in this novel - and her future/past symbiant. Overall, the character development in this story was relatively minor.

As I have already alluded to - I found the writing style of this novel very cumbersome. The story took itself way to seriously - and could of used light hearted moments to break up the drudgery.

The most disappointing aspect of this novel was finding out who exactly kicking the mighty Furies from the Alpha Quadrant. They reminded me of the aliens from the novel Prime Directive - which had an equally disappointing ending.

After an excellent introduction to the Invasion series, First Strike, those who have continued this far must have noticed the lower quality of reading. After Time's Enemy, I was done reading. Circumstances dictated otherwise, and I was quite surprised that I enjoyed the final part featuring the Voyager crew: The Final Fury.

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