The Caretaker #1

By: L.A. Graf

Rating: 82%

Brief Summary: The novel based on the original television pilot of Star trek: Voyager.

When I was just an ignorant teenager and Voyager came out, I refused to watch Voyager the first season because a Star Trek series--in my opinion--with a woman Captain will not hold my interest very long. Yes, that sounds sexist on first take, but after Kisrk, and Picard, how would Janeway even be as interesting? No this has nothing to do with a female caption, but do a male teenager looking for an explosive, action-ridden adventure, it didn't make sense. Well, once I grew beyond that, I gave Voyager a chance.

Wanting to know more of the story on Voyager, I bought this book--the pilot of the TV Series. If you do not know the events that lead up to Voyager being lost in the Delta Quadrant, then this novel is a good place to start. If you can not find the book--it may be out of print by now, then you might as well just rent the DVD. Admittedly, the book was enjoyable, a quick read, and it added a few things here and there to the story. Overall, it did not stray too far.

Being based off of a TV show, there is not much else to say really.

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