You Only Live Twice

By: Ian Flemming

Rating: 72%

Brief Summary: James Bond in Japan.

Being my first Ian Flemming book that I have read, and keeping in mind that I am not a huge James Bond fan, I read this in a very unbiased manner. To be frank, this book was too slow, too wordy and too descriptive. That in it itself is not bad, but the plot (being a short book) was missing until the very end. Yes, there were some classic Bond moments, but overall, this book is not the place to start if you want to start reading the James Bond Novels. Being it's the only one I have read, I don't know where you should start. Lastly, as far as Bond himself: in some ways, he is very much like the one in the movies. However, in other ways, he is nothing like it. Yes, he is very calm and calculating in both, but some of the things he says in the books, I had a hard time picturing the movie version of James Bond saying it. So maybe you need to read this book from the point of view that it is totally separate from the movie character. After all, the plot nor the character is nothing like the movie. If you read this, as a novel, while not bad, it won't take your breath away.

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