By: Peter Benchly

Rating: 80%

Brief Summary: Generally the same as the movie, but with different subplots.

The best thing about Jaws was the style of writing. Very down to Earth and very simple. The characters were developed well. If you saw the movie, it starts out the same, but as the book goes on, the two will begin to separate.

The only thing that I hated, (especially after seeing the movie and loving the characters), was the plot line how Hooper and Brody hated each other because of the infatuation Brody's wife Ellen was having with Hooper. As far as how they killed the fish? Not dramatic as the movie, but still interesting.

Side note: The author is somewhat of a pervert and likes to use foul language. If that bothers you, don't read this. I certainly will not again. If it wasn't for the very good free-flowing style of writing, the book would not of received a 80%.

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