Ender's Game

By: Orson Scott Card

Rating: 90%

Brief Summary: A young boy is trained to save the world, but will he?

Considering this book revolves around a six year old, (who grows older throughout the book, but stays relatively young), this book was fantastic! The author gets inside his head and makes you feel for Ender. The whole plot was this: he was a boy genius, and has the chance to save the world against the bad guys called (be warned: very corny!) the Buggers. So the military decides that at a very young, to train Ender to save the world. They put him in extensive training where he is obviously overmatched. Of course, he succeeds every time. However, when he is done playing these "games", will he pass the real test? Read this novel and find out...

Again, a great lead character. The plot is very good. A surprise ending. Also, the authors style of writing is simple, yet very good.

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