Sir Apropos of Nothing

By: Peter David

Rating: 92%

Brief Summary: Read a fantastical journey through the eyes of an ... anti-hero?

If there ever was a story that you love to hate but feel really guilty for loving--it is Sir Apropos of Nothing. It takes you through the eyes of a boy named Apropos on an unlikely adventure full of fantastical occurrences and clashes with evil Kings in a fictitious medieval land.

What makes this adventure different from others in the genre is that Apropos is perhaps the most cynical, warped, negative, self-loathing, and self-serving individual you will ever read about. He is a poor peasant with a physical disability--a lame leg. So why continue reading such a negatively themed novel? Well, if you appreciate a remarkable sense of humor--a trademark in all Peter David stories, extremely well developed characters, and an extremely fun reading: this is the book for you. Besides, there are factors to why Apropos is the way he is--and that's what makes this story so intriguing. We are given legitimate reasons why he is so down on life and why he is the way he is.

Some of the decisions that Apropos will make on this journey are perhaps the exact opposite one would expect of a true hero. However, as the novel goes on, the character does grow with it--and you will start to slowly empathize with him. In fact, you may even feel a bit guilty for being caught up with his demented reasoning.

One brilliant aspect of the first-person narrative is that Apropos freely admits that he is but a character in a story, where he plans on "hijacking" the plot from the author by replacing the would-be hero. So is Apropos successful? Suffice to say: yes--at first. But as the story goes on--and especially during the ending chapters, we see why this "hijacking" may have been a mistake on the part of Apropos.

For the die hard fan of fantasy--that is unfamiliar with the works of Peter David (well known for his Star Trek novels)--be warned: He has fun when he writes and does not take himself too seriously--this not being a bad thing. This is not The Lord of the Rings where the author of those works created a finely detailed "universe" based on historical happenings and linguistic aspects. Rather, in Sir Apropos of Nothing Peter David creates only the details and the character that will enhance what he is trying to accomplish with the main character--but no further. With names of lands such as " The Outer Lawless Regions" and "The Frozen North", you will see what type of story this is: Purely Satire. With that thought going in--and a sense of humor is a must--you will survive the more demented aspects of the story and see the brilliance that is Sir Apropos of Nothing. Perhaps the greatest character written based on a pun.

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