By: Dean Koontz

Rating: 89%

Brief Summary: Several strangers experience an unknown feeling of fear. All from the same source.

Strangers is a mind numbing story that will make you lose some sleep at night.

Six strangers begin to experience some--what appears to be--supernatural phenomena. We meet Dom Corvaisis, of Laguna Beach, who sleepwalks, fleeing from an unknown but terrifying cause. In Boston, Dr. Ginger Weiss's panic attacks threaten her career. A priest in Chicago loses his faith unexpectedly--and ironically, realizes he has the power to heal. And, in Elko, Nevada, the owner of a motel--a tough military type--becomes is struck with fear of the dark. We meet others with

[Possible Spoiler Alert] Several clues, puzzling photographs, and hidden messages bring these strangers together at the Elko motel where they realize they have met long before at this very location. As they discuss their experiences, they realize that they have been brainwashed and are determined to find out why. This leads to an ending that will not disappoint. [End Spoiler Alert]

Despite following at least six plot lines that seemingly do not connect, Koontz is able to maintain a mysterious aura filled with impressive character development. In fact, just about every one of the "strangers" that we meet are very likable and down to earth--people whom we begin to feel empathy for as they face their own unique plights.

While the novel is rather lengthy (650+ pages, paperback) and at times Koontz adds unnecessary description that may distract those with a short attention span--it is nothing that will interfere with the story being told. If anything, it will drag the novel out and keep the reader curious and/or frightened a bit longer; and I do not think this is a bad thing. In fact, I believe the detailed description of each characters daily life is necessary. As we get to know them, the more we will feel for them. And the more we feel for them, we will also become spooked.

Like with many of Koontz books, the twist at the ending is something that can be explained, rather than wrapping it up with some kind of "paranormal" cop-out.

Strangers is a fine read, that comes highly recommended. The deeper you tread into the story, the more hooked you will become.

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