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Simple Finanace Manager Android App  Simple Finanace Manager

Simple Finanace Manager: (Formerly "Debt Planner Pro") Kicking Lettuce's $1.99 USD cent version (ad-free) of our most successful app to date. Calculates your current debt and tells you exactly how long it will take to pay off. It will factor in such things as promotional rates and more!

In addition to being ad-free, the look of the paid version is much more refined and pleasing to the eye! It has been optimized for the most popular screen sizes (3.2", 3.7", 4.0", 4.3", 7", 10.1") in Portrait AND Landscape modes!

We removed the two-debt limit and now you can add AS MANY as you need! (Not that we are promoting reckless spending of course!) Also, we introduced a payment notification system! Not only is this a reminder to pay your bills, but the status bar notification brings you right back to our app so you can change the monthly totals. We thank everyone who has purchased this for their continued support of development!

In February 2015, we added a brand new section allowing for users to add bank accounts and manage their checking and savings ledgers.

Also available in the Amazon Appstore and for the Kindle Fire!

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